Thoughts on Tomorrow’s Election

For the past year and a half, the country has been watching with bated breath to see who our next president will be. The media has extensively covered every nook and cranny of this election, and to be honest, I, like many other people, are absolutely done with this election season. Part of me wants to go at least one day without seeing that tremendously orange toe (whoops, there goes my attempt to be non-partisan in this post lol) appear on my TV or any of my social media sites. I sometimes wish the election e-mails would stop pouring into my inbox and the texts stop coming. It all peaks my anxiety about the future.

But, then again, that’s just a fraction of how I feel now. I used to be completely unaware of what was going on in politics. I used to openly say that I hated talking about it; hated reading any article about this mess, but I’ve learned a few things over the past few years.

We must not be complacent and not completely shut off from it all in the midst of all this election hubbub. Be informed. Read. Watch. Debate, and be civil while doing so. Take the time to learn about all platforms. Do take the time for self care, though. Put your phone down for a little bit/turn off your TV, take a breather, read a good book, eat food, live life, especially after you vote – but also remember that so much is at stake. Not just nationally, but locally and state-wide, too. Make informed decisions. Go and vote tomorrow if you are registered. It does not take that long at all, and you get a nifty “I Voted” sticker.

Tomorrow, we as a nation make decisions that impacts us all. Tomorrow, we decide whether we want a xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic demagogue or a highly qualified politician to run our country. (Oh, and third party candidates? Don’t get me started on third party candidates. My two cents? Work from the ground-up to build/establish your parties. Also, know where Aleppo is.) This is a historic election. Choose wisely.

Anyway, no matter who you are voting for, make sure you read up on everything to be informed. I mean, we live in a democratic nation. We might as well participate in it if we want to reap its benefits.

(Oh, and for the record, #ImWithHer.)

RESOURCES FOR VOTING (mainly for Californians): 


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